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Things I am very happy to have:

  • iPhone

  • Google Maps

Things I am incredibly happy I know how to do at night with no flashlight on a moonlit evening in the freezing cold:
  • tie a bowline

A sheath for my knife
A sheath for my knife,
originally uploaded by gchpaco.
I fashioned with [ profile] dr_mrow's help a sheath for the knife I forged on Saturday. When I get some time with a buffing wheel and clean the knife up I'll show it off, but it's protected now.
I got from my family a felt buffing wheel some months ago. For a variety of reasons I didn’t bother installing it until today.

I am regretting that delay now. With the right honing compound it gets better edges faster than my waterstones + stropping. It’s not as good at keeping the edge straight as my waterstones are, but damn is it effective. I sharpened a chisel and put it back in my leather tool roll and it effortlessly punched through the leather and out one side.

I am simultaneously delighted by this and terrified of what will happen if I slip with that chisel. I’m gonna start counting all my fingers after working with it, because with it that sharp I’ll never know if it cut me.


Mar. 22nd, 2008 05:23 pm
I received a traditional English style pigsticker mortising chisel today. It’s somewhat difficult to really convey my impressions of the thing in text, so have some photos instead.

some photos of chisels )

I haven’t had cause to use it yet, although I will soon, but all the reviews I have of the beast say it’s the best mortising chisel currently on the market, and every bit as good as the old mortising chisels of yore.


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