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Radio theft

Sep. 22nd, 2005 10:25 am
Last night (I'm presuming, some time between when I got home at 7:30 and when I left the house to go to work) somebody broke into my car and stole my new radio. I presume they used a slim-jim or something because the windows all work fine and I recall locking it last night. They also popped the trunk, hoping to get lucky, but everything I remember being there is still there and I don't store anything of value in the car when I'm not in it.

I suppose I need to figure out how to file a police report, not that anything will get done about it.

I have found and moved into a place. So that worry is dealt with, to be replaced by the dread of driving the nominally-20-probably-60 minute commute to work. Fortunately there is a light rail option I will need to investigate.
Yesterday was all the fun of waking up to discover my tire was flat, swapping it with the spare, discovering the spare was also flat, discovering that CostCo won't patch tires you didn't buy from them, discovering the other rear tire had virtually no tread left, spending $150 on new rear tires, and having to install them myself because it was too close to closing time.

Today I have been trying to secure housing. There is none. Or rather there is quite a lot for more than I'm paying in S.B., a little that is more or less in my price range, and nobody wants a leaser for three months. This is starting to seriously concern me. I suppose the worst case is I have to call the internship off after a stupidly brief period of time and return to S.B. empty handed. I'm pretty sure I'll go broke if I have to stay in the hotel the entire time.


San Jose

Sep. 5th, 2005 07:02 pm
I have arrived in San Jose, alive at least. Well, we'll have to see.

I learned on the drive up here that apparently on Labor Day the pickings are so good that the cops didn't bother stopping people going even 90 mph on the 101. I did see two guys get pulled over, and there were definitely people on the road doing 100+, so presumably that was them, but sheesh.

I would prefer that the speed limit on the stretch of 101 between SLO and San Jose be something a little higher, like say 300 mph. It's basically flat, boring land with nothing of the slightest bit of interest whatsoever and so the idea of being able to cover it all in, say, an hour is appealing.



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